HI, We're Andre & Victoria

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Hi, I am Victoria!

The Head Photographer and creative lead of Valkyrian Images, Victoria has a deep passion for all things photography and wants to share her love of it with as many people as possible. While she is relatively new behind the camera, much of her life experiences have helped craft a solid foundation for the photography industry. Being a recent Undergraduate from SUNY Buffalo State with a degree in Fashion Design, and having an associates in fashion buying and merchandising, Victoria has always had an eye for the fashionable and visually appealing, understanding what is takes to make breath-taking compositions and projects. Before she moved to Western New York Victoria was a Divida certified Ballroom dance instructor teaching students old and new how to express their feelings naturally and beautifully through body language and movement. No matter what season of life she finds herself in, Victoria brings with her an unrelenting artistic vision to everything she does.

In her free time she enjoys obsessing over MineCraft, watching anime, volunteering at the Buffalo Zoo and local wildlife rehab centers, spending time with Andre and anything else that helps her avoid housework.  

I'm Andre, How's it going?

Andre, much like his aforementioned better-half is a recent undergraduate from SUNY Buffalo State. He has a degree in Business Administration and another in Financial Economics, but despite how stuffy he sounds he swears he's great at parties and is a true artist at heart. Ever since he and his brother would make YouTube videos during their summer vacations he has had an obsession with storytelling both in crafting and producing. Those YouTube videos turned into music videos, which turned into weddings, which turned into a full blown videography business before he had graduated high-school. It wasn't just the storytelling that fascinated him, it was the process of how that story came to be. So many talented artists are unrivaled in their craft but may lack the business know-how on how to effectively present their vision and art to the public. With his business background  and experience Andre comes at artist ventures with a practical mindset, not only appreciating the vision our clients may have for their photo-shoots, but also understanding the necessary steps needed to translate that wonderful vision into reality. 

In his down-time Andre loves playing video games, working out at the gym, hiking, Dungeons & Dragons, spending time with the lovely Victoria, and of course discussing new and interesting ideas in the realm of economics, he's still a little stuffy after all.   

Buffalo NY business owner of the photography company